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Are you proud of always having a cigarette?

Are you proud of always having a cigarette?

Jobs are If there is a lot of stress, I call my partner and go to the balcony. It is the custom of boys at the workplace to smoke cigarettes either by the stairs. Except for sitting at a beer shop, they rarely smoke, which is a way of relieving their stress.

In social relations, friends, They still think it’s too late to light up a cigarette in style at outdoor meetings with work partners. But…

The deception of nicotine

If I smoke, I get dizzy, Nicotine’s trick is to feel like you’re feeling light-headed. Smoking is good for health is a rare news headline.

The nicotine in cigarettes stimulates the main parts of the brain related to pleasure ; It mimics the action of the hormone dopamine . It’s as if the brain starts to feel good feelings when it’s stimulated like that. Nicotine can cause changes in the brain that can worsen symptoms later when you quit smoking.

Are you proud of always having a cigarette?

What bad effects will cigarettes invite?

Both cigarettes and cigarettes can be toxic to the mind and body. Almost everyone already knows that smoking can have many side effects if not taken care of.

If you are aware of these negative effects and are proud to smoke cigarettes, the potential health risks are –

-Heart disease
-Chronic lung disease
-Diabetes mellitus
-High blood pressure
-Four sided pain
-Blood clot blockage
-Including making asthma worse.

Not included in this, there are still many terrible consequences of smoking.

Before you quit smoking , ask yourself these questions

-Why did you quit smoking?
-How long have you been smoking ?
-How long have you not smoked?
-How long do you think it should take to get rid of smoking addiction?
-If you smoke again, would you be willing to quit?
-How Fri can it be before it is cut again? What week… what month… what year… When diseases occur…
-Will it be easy the next time you quit smoking?

But you have a happy life. If you want to have a good life, you should try and answer honestly.

If you are satisfied with these answers when you read them back, your smoking cessation journey is likely to be successful. If the answers are not encouraging, it is best to prepare your mind first.

When the mind is not ready to quit smoking , it is often difficult to drink again. When I let go of my forced restraint, I will drink even more than before.

So don’t be fooled by cigarettes that give you a momentary relief. If you want to quit smoking , be patient with your efforts. Time will tell.



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